Super Hot Triana Iglesias Holten

Triana Iglesias Holten has been on Playboy covers in US, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Poland & Ukraine, and a Playboy Playmate in several countries including Brazil, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary and Malta. Playboy chose Triana Iglesias to honour Playboy Spain’s 30th anniversary, as their anniversary Playmate.

Triana Iglesias Holten has been on the cover of many other men’s magazines all over the globe including Maxim, Ice, Man, CKM, Massive, Moore Magazine, Slitz, FHM andEsqired.

Triana Iglesias Holten is currently working for a Norwegian television channel as a presenter and reporter, presenting her second season of Paradise Hotel in Norway. She also came fourth on Dancing with the Stars in Norway in November 2009. wiki

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